Department of Information Science

Estd : 2008 Intake : 40

Shri. Iranna N Hadimani.

Head of Department

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Staff Members

 Sl.No  Name of the Staff Qualification   Designation 
1. Shri. Iranna. N. Hadimani BEHOD
2. Shri.Ravindra. M. Totagi BELecturer
3. Miss.Jyoti. R. Bolannavar BELecturer
4. Smt. Vidya. I. Hadimani BE,M.Tech.Lecturer
5. Miss.Pooja. S. Hukkeri Dip.C.ScInstructor

Subjects Offered

Semester - ISemester - II
1. Applied Mathematics 11.Applied Mathematics-II
2. Applied Science2.English Communication
3. Concepts of EEE3.Digital Electronics
4. Intro. to Computer Concpets4.Programming With C
5. Applied Science Lab5.Digital Lab
6. Basic Electronics Lab6.Programming With C Lab
7. BCS Lab7.Multimedia Lab
Semester - IIISemester - IV
1. Analysis and Design of Algorithm1.OOP with C++
2. Data Structure using C2.DBMS
3. Computer Networks3.Info. System & Managerial Issues
4. Data Structure Lab4.Software Engineering
5. Analysis & Design of Algorithms Lab5.OOP with C++ Lab
6. GUI Lab6.DBMS Lab
7. Web Design Lab7.Linux Lab
Semester - VSemester - VI
1. Software Engineering1.OBEE
2. Java Programming2.Advance DBMS
3. Web Technology3.Mobile Computing
4. Web Technology Lab4.Linux Lab
5. Java Lab5.VB.Net Lab
6. ISAP Lab6.Project Work-II
7. Project Work-1  


The aim of Diploma Course in Information Science at KLE'S Polytechnic, Bailhongal is to prepare the students for professional practice, in an era of fast changing global scenario.

Information science and engineering is playing a dominant role in the "Knowledge Base" society of tomorrow. This course takes a holistic view of the computer revolution and the way society uses "Information". Information science is an exciting and progressive field of study that focuses on problem solving. The scope in which computers operate is growing relentlessly and there is an increasing demand for computing professionals in a vast range of scientific, artistic and commercial settings.With the future belonging to the Internet and a host a technologies emerging, the field offers excellent career opportunities. The course covers following major areas:

Operating System, Software Engineering, Communication Network, Information System and Internet Technologies.

It strikes a balance between classroom, lecture, laboratory and design and lays stress on problem solving skills, which is essential for any branch.

The department is well furnished with latest technology computers and has advanced computational facilities like internet and intranet facilities and latest software like oracle, JAVA, D2K, IIS, PWS C++ etc. The hardware facility includes digital lab with latest digital trainers and analog lab.


On completion of 3 - years Diploma in Information Science and Engineering the students have the following opportunities.
  • Can continue higher education B.E., by taking admission to 3rd semester directly or like other degrees AMIE etc.

  • Can have the placement in government, semi-government, public or private sectors as technical engineers in hardware and software.

  • Can work as programmer in banking sector, technical and non-technical colleges, schools, and national and international software development companies.

  • Can be posted as system administrators, database administrators and hardware engineers in the field of servicing sector.