Human Resource

Organizations are run by people and it is people who are responsible for setting the goals, designing and planning the processes for work and getting the output or results. Logically human resources becomes the most important resource of any organization. Awareness of existing human resources, planning for future requirements, proper work allocation to people according to their skills, proper reward systems and meeting legal requirements while carrying out the work is all that basically forms the foundation of human resource management.

Human resource management helps to provide competent and efficient employees as per the need of the organization by attracting right talent from outside. It helps assigning roles and responsibilities as per the skills and abilities of people. Matching employees’ talents with job requirements by designing appropriate job descriptions and work designing are major responsibilities for HR. After assigning work and defining roles and responsibilities it also helps keep track of employee performances and keeping them aligned to business objectives and strategies. It helps reward the meritorious and weed out the non performing ones.

Human resources management not only helps in tracking the performances of employees and giving good feedback but it also helps in improving them. It helps develop the necessary skills and abilities required to perform organizational activities. HR function facilitates development of skills, competencies and knowledge through training and development initiatives. . When people in the organization are skillful, well trained and developed, they show higher degree of commitment in actual work place.

HR functions ensure employee commitment and engagement by providing conducive environment at workplace. It ensures that all the employees’ needs are met and they have all the welfare facilities they want for being productive and happy at workplace. It also helps manage the conflicts through better labor-management relations. It strengthens the organizational values and culture and improves the overall work environment. Through human resource management employee welfare, incentives, compensation, justice and fair play, health and safety and other issues related to people are taken care of.

HR functions help in career development of employees through personnel development efforts as well as creating growth opportunities and promotional avenues to rise in organizational hierarchy.

Human resource management facilitates planning, and management of change in an organization. It helps organizations to adapt to external changes through better workforce planning and development strategies.

Overall, the concern shown through HR function towards the employees inspires them to give their best for the company and be loyal to it. It enhances the performance of both the individual and the organization as well as leads to higher job satisfaction and employee commitment.